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Representing: Turner Manhole Adjusting Rings

Benefits of Turner Manhole Adjusting Rings
  • Easy to install - One person installs an adjusting ring in about 2 minutes.
  • Lightweight - 6-10 pounds = fewer injuries.
  • Less street downtime - no need to block the street for concrete donut to cure.
  • Employees like using them - light, easy.
  • Reduced cost - Quick, as much as $400 savings per site, no additional personnel.
  • Cleaner job - No cutting into new paving mat, integrity of mat maintained. No concrete donut to allow water infiltration.
  • Better appearance - Uniform asphalt mat, no concrete donut.
  • Job completed first time - No going back to adjust.
  • Better public image - No cutting into newly-paved street.
  • Quieter ride - no metal-to-metal clanging sounds.
  • Proven record - over 500,000 in use.

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