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About A&M Roadway Products

Our company specializes in the distribution of manhole adjusting rings, also known as extension rings or riser rings. Turner Manhole Adjusting Rings provide significant advantages over the traditional approaches to adjustment of manhole covers after repaving. We are located on the central coast of California and are able to service the entire United States.

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We are owned and operated by Curt Bianchi, whose biography and experience in the Public Works business are shown below.

Curt Bianchi PhotoCurt Bianchi

About A&M Roadway Products
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Personal Background…why I represent Turner rings

The last 12 years of my 38 years with the City of Los Angeles was as the head of the Street Maintenance Department.  We paved over 200 centerline miles of streets each year, placing nearly a million tons of asphalt.  This required 1,500 manhole adjustments per year.  All resurfacing was done in-house as well as the manhole adjusting. Adjusting the frame/lid assembly was very labor-intensive and costly.

During those 12 years I introduced the Turner method of adjusting manholes using fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene riser/adjusting rings. The manhole frame no longer needed to be disturbed, and permanent adjustments were made in a matter of minutes.  While with the City of Los Angeles, I adjusted nearly 17,000 manholes using Turner Riser/Adjustment Rings without one product failure.  During that time the City saved nearly four million dollars, compared to other adjustment methods.

Turner Riser/Adjustment Rings are used all over the country, including Canada and Hawaii.  They are successfully used in all weather conditions from New York to Minnesota, Florida to California…coast to coast. All the telephone companies in the United States currently use Turner Riser/Adjusting Rings, and 30,000 rings are installed each year with over 500,000 currently in use.